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God does have a sense of humor, after years of infertility, we adopted 2 beautiful babies, I later had the "surprise baby"! In the very spare time I have, I love to decorate, paint, and make all kinds of things. I do repurpose old furniture and custom paint furniture for clients. I work with all types of vintage items. I love to make our house a home. I like to see how others do it and share what I do also. Contact me at if you are interested in any products I have posted or if you are local to Atlanta and want a furniture face lift! Love your old junk again!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Let The "Country" Fool Ya....

So, like I said before, I was painting all weekend, and when I come home, the laundry is sky high and the place is pretty gross.  Hubby was doing the best he could.  I had to get on the chores this morning. I was thinking about the term,"Country". It  describes many styles now, urban country, French country, English country, Americana, and so forth.  I like a little of all those. I love Swedish country design....I wanted my style to encompass a little of all those, but really I am probably more a farmhouse "chic", kind of girl.  I grew up in the country, on a horse farm. That being said, my parents, did raise my sisters and I to have a sense of style and to enjoy nice things. My mom always made sure we had comfortable surroundings. She always had an eye for design. She exposed us to fine restaurants and theater, so we wouldn't be total rednecks, but at the end of the day...I have some redneck brewing inside. I love Bar-B-Q!  I love sweet tea, country food, and banana pudding and pound cake!  My husband feels the urge to kill a big buck, about this time every year. We watch SEC football! Go Dawgs! In the spring, we are at little league and softball. If you saw me in the car-pool line, in my painting clothes, and hair in a ponytail, you would think..she needs some serious help....Underneath, all that, I like to create. I like to make things that are warm and accessible. I love the relaxed, inviting, feel of an old pine table. I love gingham and ticking and burlap. I love an old tin, wash-tub, turned into a planter. I adore bead board! I love the sign in my kitchen that says "Grace".  Anyhoo, I was thinking about style. How people perceive different styles and promote a style as their own.  A Little Country House, is "my style". It is a place to unwind, feel peaceful, get creative, cook a good meal and feel like you are home. What tops it off ?  I get to enjoy it all with my sweet family! Here are some things that, I am inspired by, and really love right now....simple.

My Dream Kitchen, check out that island!

a chocolate check

vintage grain sacks from France

a grain sack fabric from Ballard, in my favorite green!

You Gotta Love, Right?

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