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God does have a sense of humor, after years of infertility, we adopted 2 beautiful babies, I later had the "surprise baby"! In the very spare time I have, I love to decorate, paint, and make all kinds of things. I do repurpose old furniture and custom paint furniture for clients. I work with all types of vintage items. I love to make our house a home. I like to see how others do it and share what I do also. Contact me at if you are interested in any products I have posted or if you are local to Atlanta and want a furniture face lift! Love your old junk again!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Little Country House

 12 years ago My hubby and I built a little cape cod/farmhouse/cottage style house.  It is a hodgepodge of different things. It is a work in progress, we like it. We love being in the country, though civilzation is beginning to crowd around us. We now have 5 kids, so every bit of my decorating style has been hand-me-downs, found junk, etc....I rarely buy new, I usually find used and make it new again. I love to find something tossed out and give it a new purpose. My personal blog, Party of 5 is about family, raising my precious kids and other life issues.  Here, at A Little Country House, I will be showing you how to make your weary things into whimsical and new. I am working on several home projects to show you that you could copy, but if you have old furniture and don't want to mess around with it, I can give it a facelift for you as well. I will be showing some makeover stories of other people's furniture I have done.  My business is born, out of the necessity of working around the schedule of 5 kids. They of course, must be first, so when I can work on something I do, and when I can't, I come back to it later. I think that no matter what your circumstance or income, YOUR home should be a sanctuary. A place to rest, recharge, and regroup. It should inspire you to go out and be productive, It should be a place of comfort for you and your family when coming back from "the world".  It is about taking what God gives you and making the very best out of it. As a woman, it is important to feather your nest. Put your mark on it, God made us that way. I say, enjoy doing it!

some cool, old doors. They could be something.....

I will show these again when I have made them into something awesome!!!