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Thursday, February 16, 2012

For the Kiddies....

The Old Luckett's Store is in Lucketts, VA. It is the coolest store. I have never been, I go via their blogsite. Y'all have to check them out. They have the most beautiful junk! They also do a link party, on things we find on pinterest. This week's theme is kid's rooms. I have always loved doing a room for a little person! So fun! I am still tweaking  my boy's room. We have finally, got my youngest to co-habitate with his brother. My youngest is in k-5. He just stopped sleeping with us...well, almost....anyway....I'm trying to get their room organized so they can have a lil more space. I will let you know how it goes....I always feel like, I might not make it out alive, when I go in there to clean.
 Here are some really nice kids rooms, where the family has a maid, and 2.5 kids and a 2012 SUV, and 5000 square feet, and a dog that never pees in the!! Just kidding...Enjoy!

This is so crisp and bunk beds for a bunch of kids.
I would sleep in this room....I would close that curtain and yall wouldn't see me again....hee hee

well, this is just FUN...and cute!

Lake-House kids room!! Definitely!

I need this bathroom, bad....You need a good bathroom set up with many kids...
Haven't figured out how to achieve this for cheapy.....

I threw this in, this is actually, my girl's room-
Bed in a closet to get more space

I have a post about this where I explain how we did it!

             Be sure to visit Luckett's!

The Old Lucketts Store Blog


Old Lucketts Store said...

Thanks so much for linking up! Wow, you found some wonderful pictures. The bunk cubbies are such a great idea and that tent seems like so much fun!
I'm still wondering how they keep the bathroom with 3 little sinks looking so ship-shape --- you're right, they must have a maid {or robot children}.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Ohhh, so much eye candy! Thanks for sharing!!

oldthings said...

Dear Beth,
Thank you for sweet comment .I agree with you that we are in HIS hand.All the people want only our jobs , healthy and a simple life .Anyway we hope..Your photos are so beautiful and I like very much the pink room !!
Have a nice weekend

Fairfield House said...


I am enjoying my time exploring your sweet blog and will be back for more! I love your daughter's bed housed in the closet nook! I am passing this idea onto a dear friend who is downsizing and has two girls sharing a room. One question -- where does your daughter hang her clothes?