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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miss Laura's Table

A friend of mine from high school called me the other day. She asked, if I would come take a look at a table she wanted re-done. I am excited to get business, so of course I jumped on it! When I arrived, she took me into her barn. The barn is old, and it is full of really old, cool stuff. In fact, just a quick background..... We grew up in a small rural town in Georgia. My family moved there when I was 5. We were transplants. Her family... well, they are original settlers of our small town, they have been here since 1840. She still lives on the original home place. Her family's name is on many things  around our hometown. I think that is neat. A family chose to stick around a place, and make it their home for many generations. An old, established family history.   So, back to the barn......The very best thing, is that  people in her family were sentimental, and had the foresight to hang onto some very old, and unique items. So, my friend, Carla Elliott Maples, shows me her table.  My jaw dropped. It was a table..... in pieces, in a heap..... covered in barn dirt, cobwebs, etc...." So, you can put this together and fix it up. It was my great- grandmother's." She says.   I'm still staring at the heap of table parts....thinking very hard......and I'm thinking internally " I don't have a clue how to do this.... and while my brain is thinking NO...... my mouth opens  and says, "OK, I will do it!"  I am being honest here, people. I have started a new business. I'm pretty good at what I do, but ...This is new territory. I'm taking an antique that has been taken apart to the nails.... disassembled.....  old, dry, wood and trying to re-assemble it, and make it look good! But, on the way home, I started thinking, with God's help, I can do this. I can do all things thru Christ, right!!! Well, the Lord chose to use Mike, to help me out on this one, lol!!   My hubby, pitched in and had it figured out, and the table assembled in a day. (Thanks Hubby!)  It was 17 pieces total!! I cleaned it, stained the top dark walnut, and painted the bottom in an old cream, with light distressing. I discussed color with Carla. She wanted the old white,(buttermilk color). It was a great match for this table. I put a vintage style glass knob on the drawer, and HELLO!!!, We have a writing desk. I am loving this table, and I thank Carla for trusting me with it.

This desk belonged to Laura Brannan Elliott. She was born in 1875. She died in 1924,at the age of 49, from cancer. Her son was 12 at the time, Emerson Elliott. He is Carla's grandad. Think about that, when you look at this desk. Laura was born, only 10 years after the Civil War ended! She saw electricity come about, indoor plumbing  and the car! The telephone was invented the year after she was born, who knows when it even came to her town! I think about all the letters she must have written at this desk. Maybe she did her homework at the desk when she was little, and then her kids used it too. I am honored Carla allowed me to do this desk. I love the history and people behind things like this. Now, a whole different generation of Laura's family are enjoying, what was once hers. This is without a doubt, my favorite piece I have ever done! Enjoy it ,people!!  Love!!!

before paint but after we assembled

I love these curvy legs!

beautiful top!

Miss Laura's Table!!

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Sherry said...

I loved this post. You really are gifted, Beth. I love things with history- especially your own personal history. Now this piece has lots more history to make in Carla's family for years to come.

the wayside cottage said...

You did a lovely job restoring that table...I'm sure that family will enjoy it for generations to come!

Debbiedoo's said...

Beth I love your table. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party.

Candy said...

The table is gorgeous and I love the story behind it. God is good and Mike did a pretty good job himself.
Im your newest follower. Please come visit me at and maybe you'll follow back. THANKS.