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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Real, Recycled Cottage

Hidden on the back of some quiet, country property in Georgia is a charming cottage, lovingly called
"The Barn". Built  years ago, by the patriarch of a large southern family. It would be a gathering place for birthdays, holidays, and graduations. He and his wife of 55 years, have 6 kids, all grown and married with a total of 14 grand kids and 2 great grand kids. The Barn, became the place to hold the enormous family functions they would have at Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. The barn is made of all recycled materials. He saved pieces of old cedar fence, and brick, until he eventually could do this entire structure. He and his wife created this adorable cottage that the whole family has been able to enjoy. It's charm comes from the way the  materials were used and where. As his family has grown, some kids have moved away, grand kids have gone off to college, there is less need for an extra building for family functions. His youngest daughter  desired to make it her home. She transformed the cottage into a quaint, yet beautiful living space. Small square footage, but huge impact.  She gave me a little tour and allowed me to photograph her transformation of a gathering space to a living space.

old foto of the original structure before it was renovated
It was a rough barn

"The Barn" today

Love the weepy brick and the pop of Shamrock Green

This porch says "Come chill with me"

just plain cute!

  mustard yellow cabinets for the kitchen
great choice for a farm-house feel


fireplace in the kitchen area

this is just cute and clever, it is hiding an electrical box

breakfast area

 chocolate and khaki linens

Living area, the curtains through out the barn are
drop cloths! Very cool! Great grandmother's
buffet turned tv cabinet

comfy and cozy

This is loft style, the bedroom and living area are all combined

Cottage living!

One of a kind bedding....

Great eclectic style...the figurines were
made by a grandmother

more weepy brick! Love!

ceiling throughout The Barn

This cabinet houses some very cool things...

Grandmother's old typewriter...excellent!

gorgeous stoneware

back view of The Barn

A little patio off the bedroom. She is about to
do something beautiful out here too, more pics later!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of The Barn!

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oldthings said...

Dear Beth
Very nice cottage! Shows that were repaired with love and care for the environment and the old stuff.
Have a nice weekend!