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God does have a sense of humor, after years of infertility, we adopted 2 beautiful babies, I later had the "surprise baby"! In the very spare time I have, I love to decorate, paint, and make all kinds of things. I do repurpose old furniture and custom paint furniture for clients. I work with all types of vintage items. I love to make our house a home. I like to see how others do it and share what I do also. Contact me at if you are interested in any products I have posted or if you are local to Atlanta and want a furniture face lift! Love your old junk again!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hippy! and Chic and Boho....

 Ok, I'm not gonna say much..I like  this room. It is totally my client, who is country, boho, and adorable...This room is her,  to me THAT is success....We still need a mirror over the big dresser, a bench for the vanity, a few more pics and accessories and trim on the curtains..but those things just take time...always waiting for the right thing to come along...patience is a virtue when decorating.
 but, she can relax in here now....Enjoy!

brown cave, I didn't foto the room with all the previous decor

Whetstone Grey-Martha Stewart on walls
Annie Sloan-Old White and French Linen on furniture
Egg Yolk-Martha Stewart, small tables

Old barnwood and a deer skull and a funky rug...why not..

this dresser was orangey wood, old white now...wayyy better
now for a boho mirror...

mix pillows..even when you think they don't go, they really do...all 4 of these
have the same colors in them, just in different ways

My camera is not great...this comforter is cotton, not satin...reads
a little shiny, but not person...

the trim on the headboard is old white and distressed
like the dressers..

this girl can sing and play guitar..I'm soo jealous of those people...

antique find from her mom's basement

after: in French Linen chalk paint...very nice

close up of fabric...beautiful linen, down filled pillow!

The velvet headboard is a creation of Burlap Street, my sister's company..
We picked the fabric, she made it..We LOVE THIS!
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