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Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Women of Authenticity

My name is Beth. This is my blog. I normally talk about painting furniture and home décor because that is my side business, when I am not homeschooling and raising 3 kids. I decided to join in with Nesting Place , to write on one topic for 31 days. After praying, I decided to go completely off subject and do something that focused on God at work in the lives of women, and how that has changed them for the better. Here is my topic for the next 31 days.

                                                     Join us in discovery!

What is authenticity? Here are some definitions I googled.



  1. quality of being real or genuine, not fake ⇒ He challenged the authenticity of the letter. ⇒ There are factors that have cast doubt on the statue's authenticity.
  2. quality of accurately recording or reflecting something ⇒ The film's authenticity of detail has impressed critics


adjective \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\
: real or genuine : not copied or false
: true and accurate
: made to be or look just like an original

obsolete:  authoritative
a :  worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact <paints an authentic picture of our society>
b :  conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features <an authentic reproduction of a colonial farmhouse>
c :  made or done the same way as an original <authentic Mexican fare>
:  not false or imitation :  real, actual <an authentic cockney accent
For the next 31 days I am going to talk about authenticity and women I know who are authentic.
What does this really mean? Why authenticity?  If we look at our culture, we see an abundance of the artificial and superficial. We see facebook and twitter and instagram and vine, and other forms of social media, including blogs. Many of them focus mainly an appearance, and short lived , staged moments. Photo-shopped pictures, illusions of perfection, that no one can really achieve. Some of which are fabricated, solely for the entertainment of others and the people posting them. This 31 day endeavor will not be easy ,breezy, lighthearted banter... (we may have a little). We are going to look deep, beyond pretty houses, and furnishings and faces and fashions, and perfectly groomed children in Christmas cards. We are looking at real people, specifically women and their heart and soul journeys through this life. Women who come from many different paths of life and the circumstances God has used in each of their lives to cultivate authenticity in them. These are women who have left everything to live across the globe and share the gospel, been in addiction, grieved the loss of children, suffered infertility, been thru divorce, survived illness . We are sharing deep personal issues, from homeschooling to mission fields to mid-life crisis. We want to uplift and encourage others in their struggle too.  What is authentic? Who is authentic? The definition of authentic that strikes out the most to me, is "conforming to an original, so as to reproduce essential features. We are created in the image of God. He created us, and as we enter into a personal relationship with him thru Jesus Christ, we are then, conforming to Him, and we start to reflect his features. He is loving, we become loving, He is kind, we become kind. His view of the world, becomes our view. Our authenticity comes from him, the quality of recording or reflecting something, that being Christ.  We become like the original masterpiece of Christ Jesus. We go from being fake and imitation, to being real. Authentic.

I don't know how in the world I can write on one subject for 31 days. This will be a God task. I have some extremely interesting, unique, beautiful, hard working women who will share their stories with you during this journey. I ask that you try to click on and stick with us, as you may learn something new or be inspired in a deep way. These are real girls, showing their imperfections. If you are an English major and bad grammar and run on sentences make you cringe, well....I can't promise that won't happen.  Don't get bogged down in the little things, look for the big picture here. Let's be cheerleaders for each other. Don't forget to check out all the other great blogs of 31 Days, including Nesting Place

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Marie said...

This is such an important topic. Looking forward to what you have to say!

karen said...

Can't wait to follow along with you, Beth!

AJ Collins said...

I love authenticity! Can't wait to check you out! :) Putting you on my list!