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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dios Con Nosotros

I have always known Tanszy Bailey through my sister, but I didn't know until last year, the amazing ministry she works in Guatemala. I am inspired by her and what she does for the precious people of Guatemala. There is always a place God will lead us to further His work. Thank You Tanszy!

     Dios con means "God with us" in Spanish, and just happens to be the name of the church where I  serve in a village outside Chichicastenango, Guatemala. It's also become the epiphany statement in my life as God has  revealed His love and power  to me in the most incredible ways.  Eight years ago God sent an opportunity my way and I  took it.  I had no idea that today my life would revolve around that decision. This journey began  with a single mission  trip to Guatemala in 2006; the  trip that changed my life forever. Since that time I have traveled 14 times and led 10 mission teams to the Northern Highlands of Guatemala. We have planted trees, pulled teeth, hosted VBS, built houses, churches and most important, built Godly  relationships. We have taken 100's  of bags  full of clothing, shoes, and supplies to share.

  So many stories, so many blessings for all involved. With each trip, God began to nudge me to do more.
  I fell in love with the people and the beautiful treasures they made in the villages we served.
 I learned about Guatemala culture, history and how since the beginning of the Mayan civilization they have woven their  fabrics by hand.  They even grow the cotton, dye it, and make the thread before they weave the fabric.  It can take many  months to make one blouse.  Simply amazing!

  I was feeling God's nudges when I wore the jewelry or carried a hand bag that I had purchased in the villages.
 I found many people were drawn to the things I wore and I soon realized that God was bringing people to me, so that I could share about the mission and about Jesus. He was working through bracelets, necklaces and hand bags!   One  of my favorite stories is about Stephanie. I was at the Atlanta Apparel Show and she came to me across the room to ask about the bag I was carrying.  I took the opportunity  to tell her all about the mission and how she could be a part of it. 
 She went on the mission trip because God had a plan and He used that handbag that very day to bring her to me!
 A complete stranger in a building of 1000's handbags and she came to me.  He works through the smallest of things, ones that are not holy or sacred  in any way at all. On that day He gave me proof  that He is present in ALL we do, ALL we say and in this case, ALL we wear! 

 God was showing me the path He intended for me right in front of my eyes,  in the flesh,  so I said 'Yes God' and started to do more. Each year I saved money to help with various projects over and above our mission team.  
 With God's direction I began use some of that money to help and the other part  invested in my artisan friends and the handicrafts they made.  I knew that it would help them financially to support their families, create value in their talents and it would open the door to Godly relationships.  In addition, it would give me a way to fund the mission projects. The parable in Matthew 25: 14-30 encouraged me to invest my talents to grow them into something more.

  Over the past three years that investment has been a true blessing! It has funded many things like school tuition, church camps, 1000 fruit trees for 160 families, houses, surgeries, and the list goes on!  God has shown me that we can all use our gifts to help others, even in the most unusual ways. He wants us to be His light here on earth in all we do.  Matthew 5: 14-16 gives us those directions.

God's nudges turned into His hand on my shoulder, guiding me each day down the path He intends for me.
He was there all the time I just finally let Him lead.  He is still encouraging me to do more and as of today I am working on a new project to do just that.  Visit me each month at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta, south building, 
 J 11 in front of the BBQ and donuts. I am the one sharing the beautiful handicrafts and amazing stories about how God is working here and in Guatemala.  I pray that you are open to God's path, that you will share your gifts with others every day wherever you are!  It only takes God and you to make something really incredible....
 Be the Light!
 Grace and Peace,
 Tanszy Bailey
 (Contact me at for information on upcoming mission trips)


SaySay said...

Very inspiring.. What a great ministry .. God is so personal, cares about all the details:)

Burlap Street said...

Sign me up! love the work you do, love seeing you and your mom at Scotts, and I LOVE Guatemala for 2 reasons. Sam and Mia Bryant!!!!!!
Dios con Nosotros Kate

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