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Friday, October 18, 2013

I am Snow

I had the privilege of meeting Sano (pronounced Snow) this past September, although I had prayed for her years earlier. She had traveled across the globe with her close friend Sherry Lewis, (a missionary in Thailand) who has posted on here too. Sano is a Thai Christian. If you ever got to meet her, you would love her energy and fun sense of humor,but most of all you are moved by her love for Christ

I grew up in a Buddhist family as most other Thai people. I love to do the right thing to please my family. I love to do good things to make me happy to make people around me accept me. I went to study at Khon Kaen University in 2001 as a Chemistry major. By my best effort, I was glad to be the one that can go to university to make my parents so proud of me. At my first year of school, I met a Christian and I heard gospel for the first time. My first response is to think that I am good enough, I don't need Jesus to save me from my sin. I am good, I do good things, I try to do what’s right and never hurt people. I try my best to be a good person. I am so grateful that God did not let me go at that time. He gave me another chance to hear gospel He spoke to me softly, helping me see that I am a sinner and this time I realized that I do need Jesus to save me from my sin. I professed my faith in Christ in 2002 and now It's been about 11 years. I have learned so much in my relationship with God. In my early Christian life, I struggled in trying to do good like I want God to love me by what I do, but I failed again and again and I decided that I was not good enough to be a Christian (How can I forget or not accept that I’m just weak and continue to sin against Him?). At that time God has spoke to my heart and showed me the real meaning of the good news, that he comes for sinners. Who is the sinner? It's me who tries to do good but fails. O yes, the failing that I have done, that is why He came. I don't need to be good, to do good on my own way, trying to please Him and make him love me as I did with my parents. He loves me even though He knows how bad I am. I grow in His love and care and believe He is my heavenly father. I am saved and will be with Him forever. I love God and really want to know Him more and more and walk with Him. My desire to know and to make God known has been on fire. I have been on staff with Campus outreach for 6 years. I am so thankful for this calling that God gives me to be a part of His plan to bring the nations to know him.

·         I have a ton of blessings during these six years on staff. Our team has love for each other which helps us grow and support one another in Christ. God has allowed me to see many women come to know Christ and I have been able to disciple them. I help teach and do many things to help them grow in knowing and loving God and walk with Him so that He can multiply their lives as a response to His great commandment. A challenge in this ministry is that fruit happens very slowly and not as much fruit as I sometimes want. But I’m comforted by the fact that God is sovereign and He is going to finish His mission just as He started it. The ministry this year is going well. I have built lots of relationships with college girls and am excited to see God's work in their lives. Personally, right now I am doing good physically. I have a great time training for marathon in next January 2014. Spiritually, in this period of time I feel tired and very emotional. I don't really know what happened. One of my staff friend’s has been encouraging that it is God growing me in some area of my life. I believe that he is growing and teaching me something but I just do not know what. I hope that God will speak to me and tell me soon what he has been doing in me. I tell myself it is going to be good !!! Isaiah 40 : 28-31


Michelle Reeves said...

Beautiful reminder of GRACE! I loved that!

SaySay said...

Sano, what a beautiful testimony. You are a precious sister in Christ❤ Thank you for sharing your faith & life with others. I will also pray with you that God will let you know what He's doing in your spiritual life.. I bet it's going to be good too :) Love you, Cindy

Burlap Street said...

What an honor to call you my sister in Christ and to have met you. Hearing and reading how the Gospel changes lives all over the world and in any culture is so powerful. This is the true and living God!!! Kate