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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Julie's Story

I am so glad Julie is sharing her struggle with us. Every story is different and God works and weaves so differently with each woman. Julie went down a similar path as me, but with some very different obstacles. I have always seen her firm in her faith. I have loved watching her with her precious family and I am proud to call her friend. If you have missed any of this series, please check out the link below and go to our introduction, there you will find a link to each story that has been shared over 31 days.

31 Days Women of Authenticity

                                                               Julie's Story

 After our first year of marriage we moved to Georgia and started to think about starting a family.   We traded in the sporty two-door car for the four-door family car and started moving forward with our plan.  Our plan, don’t you know God finds humor in us thinking we are in control.  Unfortunately, this girl likes to be in control and God has to remind me (often) that HE is in control, not me. Getting pregnant was evidently not as easy as I thought, or at least this was the case for me.  I worked at a school and was asked daily if I had children, which of course led to the why questions.  I finally started answering, “Tell God.”  That shut people up pretty well.  After years (11 to be exact) of not getting pregnant, we moved forward with testing and surgeries.  The last surgery showed that I had stage 4 endometriosis.  The endometriosis was so bad that nothing could be done.  When I woke up from surgery, I remember the look on my husband’s face; he does not hide his emotions very well.   I was told that I would never get pregnant on my own and a total hysterectomy was suggested.  What? Never conceive?  Really God?  Needless to say, we were devastated.  We didn’t talk much about it at first.  I think we were both in shock.  I was referred to an infertility specialist to see if anything could be done.  He was not optimistic to say the least.  He told me that due to my age (36), and health, that IVF was my only option and even with that, I had less than 8% chance of conceiving.  Wow, not the news we expected to hear.  It seemed like everyone, but me, was pregnant.  The young, the old, the single… you know how it goes.  God, why not me?  Do you not trust me?  Am I being punished?  Satan loves to put these doubts in our minds.  Question God, who do we think we are?  But let’s be honest, we all do it. My husband and I prayed for clear direction between adoption and IVF.  It was such a battle and so many crazy thoughts go through your head.  One evening we decided to meet with my parents and spend time praying about what direction to pursue.  I remember my Dad saying that He and my Mom really felt like we needed to do IVF, that they had a real peace about it.  My husband and I really prayed that we would have that same peace, and eventually we did and our sadness turned into joy and expectation.  We finally had the peace that passes all understanding.  You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.  (Isaiah 26:3) During the process of IVF it was if we knew the outcome, before we really knew it.  I tried to explain it to the doctor, and he just didn’t get it.  He kept telling me I needed to be realistic.  Well, God did show him..... the IVF took and I was pregnant.... with TWIN girls.  I had a fairly good pregnancy.  My water broke at 32 weeks and I was hospitalized to try to stop the labor.  I had such a peace.  The neonatal specialist came in to talk to me about all the “what ifs.”  I told him the girls would be just fine, that they were going to come out kicking and screaming.  Funny, he told me the same thing other doctors had told me, that I needed to be realistic.  You know, doctors can really be downers.  I went into full labor at 33 weeks and had caesarian delivery, and the girls were just fine.  They were small, 4lb 6oz and 4lb 7oz, but no real health issues.  I was in the recovery room waiting anxiously to see them.  After what seemed like hours in the recovery room, the nurse came in and I could tell that something was wrong.  Was it the girls?  God, you can’t let anything happen to them.  No, it was me.   After two days of testing, blood transfusions and numerous doctors in to see me, they determined that I had cardiomyopathy (congestive heart failure).  Again, the look on my husband’s face told it all.  I could see on his face that he thought I was going to die and leave him with TWIN GIRLS.  How quickly that perfect peace turned in to question and doubt.  These girls were a true miracle and now you are going to let something happen to me??  I told you that this girl has a little trouble letting go of control and I felt totally out of control.  I was not able to see my daughters for days and there were things that I wish I could have changed, but I was reminded once again that God is in control.  He has a plan and often it is different than our plan, but HE IS IN CONTROL.  And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) How true this is.  We KNOW that ALL things, period!  My daughters are vibrant, healthy, full of life little girls and my heart has healed.  I had a year of testing and cardiologist visits with all my blue haired friends (always the youngest patient by about 20 years) and after a year, I was able to come off all of my cardiac medications and to date, my heart is fine.  God is good, even when we are on our knees crying out to Him, He is good.  His ways are always best, regardless, and we have to trust Him.   
A couple of things that I have learned ( I’m still learning):
1.       Being a woman of authenticity is a work in progress.  God is continually working on me, and that’s a good thing!  When your life is going too good, you better check yourself.     
2.       Tell God how you feel and be honest!  Too many times we try to pray “spiritually” forgetting God knows our heart.  We can put on our mask for everyone else, but we can’t hide from Him.  Proverbs 13:12    
3.       Everyone has a story, something in their past that they wish they didn’t experience.  Let it be used for the glory of God.  You never know the impact you can make in someone's life.  Beth was an awesome example to me, and I hope I have been an example to others who have struggled with infertility.    
4.       Don’t hold on too tightly.


Candice Davis said...

WOW, thank you so much for sharing this Julie! I had tears in my eyes! It is so amazing to see how God works! You and your family are one of his amazing miracles. I feel so blessed to know you!

Tricia said...

I am blessed to be Julie's mother and Lanie and Lexie's "Mimi". I am so thankful for God's grace in all of our lives even when we don't understand what He is doing.
"8:28 and all's well" :)