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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kristi's Story

Kristi is such a vibrant, fun, and beautiful girl, but when you get to really know her, you are overwhelmed by her love for Jesus and her love for people. What an awesome combination! She has a way of taking you in and making you feel loved, like Jesus loves. She is an ambassador for the Lord.

The Greatest Love Story

I remember the evening that I was asked to give a testimony and to share “my story” during this 31 Days of Women of Authenticity.  I was honored that my precious friend cherished what God had done in the life of my family. My heart has been blessed beyond measure.  However, I immediately felt a tremendous burden to evaluate my own level of authenticity.  Are there levels of authenticity?  Is there a finish line? Have I even started the race?  As the days passed during the month of October and “my day” was approaching, the Lord spoke to my heart in a tremendous way.  I realized that the closer I would try to draw to Him, the less authentic I became.  However, my sweet friends, that is a gift.  The gift of knowing that you are nothing without Him, is an eternal gift of knowing that you have a Savior that will carry the burdens for you, and it is only THROUGH him that you become authentic.   I want to share the Greatest Love Story I know.
When I was 19 years old, a growing, thriving church with a tremendous burden for lost souls witnessed to me and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Little did they know that the Holy Spirit had been working on my heart for many months.  I called a friend one Saturday evening and asked if she would go to church with me the next morning.  She agreed and at the close of the Sunday morning service, I could not reach the alter fast enough and virtually fell on my face to invite Jesus into my heart to become my Savior.  It was at that very church that I met my soul mate.  We just celebrated 22 years of marriage!
After being married 15 years, we finally gave birth to our daughter.  It was with many tears that we welcomed this little blessing.  God gave us such a sweet gift after years of infertility and miscarriages.   We felt as though we had completely conquered the ability to wait on the Lord…..until she was 2 years old.  Apparently, we had so much more to learn.  When our daughter was just 2 years old, my husband lost his job.  No need to worry?  The Lord is in control and he will provide.  However, just 4 months later, I lost my job.   We were now struggling to earn money as independent contractors with very little success.  It became difficult to focus on work because every afternoon my husband developed low grade fevers.  Test after test, gall bladder removal, back for more tests and still no answers.  Approximately 4 months after my job loss, we were told that he may have cancer in his kidney.  The daily, uncharacteristic symptoms of Stage 1 renal cell carcinoma that he had been having virtually stopped when the Lord led us to the Doctor that eventually found the cancer.  The symptoms were the blessing because they made us continue to question and seek answers. It was there all along, but the Lord revealed to us that we are to seek. Seek him. Seek comfort and guidance. 
I wish I could say that I immediately felt a calm wave of assurance and peace rush over me after the doctor told us that he had a tumor in his kidney.  How long had it been growing? Is it cancer? Has it spread?  I truly screamed out to the Lord at that point and wondered why he would wait 15 years to give me a baby and then take my husband.  My precious husband.  How could I do life without him?   The one that was built for me?  What was the purpose and why was THIS God’s plan?
We were told by the doctor that he would lose his entire kidney and the biopsy would be done after the surgery to determine if it was cancer.  A biopsy while the kidney (and tumor) was still in the body might cause the cancer to spread if it was indeed cancer.  Weeks of waiting for the surgery and the impending biopsy left me wandering how to act, think or how to continue being a wife and Mom. I began to pray.  This is where I learned that I don’t carry the cross.  My Savior does and he loves me.  He loves my family and I truly learned that in whatever situation I am in, I will be content.  Even if it meant losing my everything.  Driving down the road one afternoon, there “He” was like never before. The Lord answered my prayer and the Holy Spirit comforted me in a way I had never known….EVER.  I finally knew what it meant to be content in HIM and trust his perfect will for my life.   His presence was nothing like I had ever known.  
The job losses, the cancer or the disruption in our life and home wasn’t really part of the lesson.  It’s not even OUR story.  It’s a lesson of trust and it is completely HIS story.  We began this journey almost 5 years ago and are humbled by the one who loves us most.  We tried so hard to be private with these things, but were faced with the reality that God was going to be a part of the beginning, the middle and the end.  Because really….it is HIS story.  It is HIS love story to us.  He loved us enough to carry us through, comfort us beyond our imaginations and bring honor and glory to the kingdom of God through it all.

It will be 5 years this December since we began this journey.  My praise is that my husband is cancer free and the Lord is restoring our life according to His will.  I can’t say that I want to go back through it all again, but neither of us would trade the presence of God in our lives and the honor of watching Him work in the lives of others through this testimony.  He loved us enough to use our lives to bring honor to him. Can you think of a greater love story? 

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Mike said...

Blessed to count Keith and Kristi as good friends.

Michelle Reeves said...

Truly a beautiful story!

SaySay said...

May The Lord be praised ❤ wonderful testimony of faith.

Burlap Street said...

Sometimes I am like why is God so good to us but it's simple, He loves us. Glad to know you Kristi Davis.