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Friday, October 11, 2013

Size 6 Please

Georgia Hill is like a human version of a really great latte from your favorite coffeehouse. She is warm and friendly and inviting and makes great company. She is funny and truthful. She is gorgeous too, but I don't think she knows it, which makes her even more likable. She has a sweet hubby and 2 adorable little boys and is a cupcake baker extraordinaire. Enjoy!

"Size 6, please.”

Many of my male friends may not relate to this, but if all of my female friends were honest, really honest with themselves, they’d all say, “Preach it sista!” We’ll see.

Let me start by saying this is for me, but if just one relates it will be so worth it!  I am going to get  personal, so if these kinds of things bother you then you might want to hit the back cursor. But for all you busy bodies out there, I’ll give you time to go pop your popcorn and settle in for the goods.

I titled this entry, “Size 6, please” because I have always wanted to be just that. What is it about a size six that says, “You go girl. You have arrived and are the epitome of perfection.” At least that’s what screams loudly at me when I see that darn number on clothing tags. For others it may be a size 4, or 2 or even a 14. Regardless of what it is, we all have our number.

I have spent half of my life wanting to be someone or something I’m not. Wow. How sad. I have wasted over fifteen years striving to be this or that. One would think that when you become an adult that our envious nature would go into some kind of hibernation and stay there. For me from time to time, it sticks its ugly head out and I start to turn a shade of green, which if truth be told is not my best color.

Just last week at the beach my father and I were having a conversation. Actually, I was pointing out to my dad a tall, beautiful, tan, young, heifer in a bikini. I love the relationship he and I share; we didn’t have to use our binoculars this year, did we Dad? That’s a lil private joke. ;) Anyhow, as I was pointing out her attributes and saying how I wished I was built like her, my father stopped me in mid sentence and said, “When are you going to just be happy with who you are?” That was a question I could not answer. I still cannot answer it today.

Just last night a dear, close friend and I were talking about life in our thirties, our husbands, children, boobs. You know, all the stuff we gals like to discuss. Our discussion led to what we looked like in high school, what we lacked, what we hoped for and what was to come. Surely, this kind of talk would have stopped in high school. It hasn’t.

High school. She and I both agreed that those were the days of no responsibility, part time jobs, flat stomachs, cool cars and boys. Today, we have more responsibility than we wish for, full time jobs from working outside of the home to in, stomachs that look like a lion attacked them, mini vans/suv’s and husbands. While I loved high school, it also reminded me of numerous times I would make myself vomit so I could look like the girls in Seventeen magazine and hours upon hours of obsessing over my body.

This morning I spoke with a woman who starves herself to perfection, works out to exhaustion everyday and who is absolutely a mess on the inside, but you’d never know it!

Ladies, when is enough enough?!

My facebook cover photo says, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” How true!

I wonder what it says to our Creator when we try to change His masterpiece. Sure, we could go see doctors snip, suck, and tuck, but would we be happy even then? It absolutely kills me to see young girls who struggle with this. I don’t know what’s worse though, young girls or older women.

I’m not trying to give any advice here; I’m merely saying we all struggle with this in some way. We are not alone, from the young to the old. We should all be honest with ourselves and others, especially women. If not, we will all be miserable, starving little princesses living in a palace of lies.

Daily we must conqueror this demon who says, “You are not good enough!” For we know better.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

God don’t make no junk!





Joni said...

I'd say you got it right, Georgia! Thanks for reminding us to be ourselves.

Leslie said...

This is truth!!! It's so easy for me to compare myself to others, too, even though it feels so childish! I'm reminded here that I'm made in His image, and how daily I need to renew my mind in the Word.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% that you are absolutely beautiful and you don't know it. You're gorgeous, but even more important is that radiant smile you always have on your face! You Rock!

Burlap Street said...

If I didn't partake in your cupcakes, I might be a size 6. Hahaha

SaySay said...

Wow- didn't realize I had missed this blog post. Thanks for being so candid Georgia- so much truth there and thanks for throwing in some humor :) Can I have a latte and a cupcake please? Cindy