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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Best Person I Know

Ok, I promise this whole 31 days isn't just about me and my kids, I do have some really intriguing people telling their stories, and I will start with my first one tomorrow, but I have to tell you about the best person I know...
I don't just say that because she is my daughter. She is the best person I know, for many reasons.  I saw MaryElle on an adoption website in Guatemala when she was just a couple months old. After 10 years of marriage and years of attempting to conceive, fertility treatments, surgeries, etc... Mike and I prayed and heard God's call to adopt. It was October of 2001. We started our search and signed on with an agency. We felt Guatemala was right for us and so began the journey. We initially started to seek a baby girl. In December of 2001, barely into the process, Mike said to me one day, I just know God has a girl for us and I believe she is going to be born this month. Well, that sounds crazy but okay, I will go along, because I always trust Mike when he says God has spoken to him. After many months our agency said to us, we don't have any girls... but we do have some boys coming along.  At this point, we know we just want a baby, we said great! We really don't care if it is a boy or a girl. God is in charge.  My sister, Michelle and I were painting her dining room one day and she said, Yay! I want you to get a  baby boy, but keep trying to get a girl too!! Get 2 babies!! Sounded crazy again, but I went home and spoke with Mike. We knew God would provide if that was his plan.  God if you want us to have both, you work it out. He DID!! June 7, 2002, Sam was born. We would travel that December of 02 to get him. In the mean time while preparing for Sam, I kept seeing MaryElle on another agency's website. They said she was special needs.  They were not sure what her issues were, but possibly serious. I just wanted to pray for her. I felt a supernatural connection to her and couldn't stop thinking about her. I would check her web page often to see if she was still with that agency. Had anyone taken her? She was always still there. By August of 2002, Mike and I knew she had to be ours. God was making it abundantly clear, she was born to be ours. Guess when she was born, December 17th 2001, the very time Mike felt, God had a baby girl for us.

We got Sam in December, after years of waiting for a sweet baby, we finally had him!! While we were in Guatemala, we visited with MaryElle, although her paperwork wasn't ready. She was with a very loving foster family from the time of her birth until we went to get her.. In May of 2003, when she was 17 months old , we finally got to bring her home. It was much like having twins, a 6 month old and a 17 month old.  She was very small, only weighed about 12 pounds then, and developmentally delayed, but she was beautiful. She still wasn't walking, but she was speaking, a lot!! I couldn't get over how small she was and how she was so tiny in my arms. It was after we were home a few months, that she was formally diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. This may make some people feel uncomfortable, but I want to be real and give hope to people who may have a special needs child.  Most people applauded our decision to adopt her. I think some people didn't understand it. That is okay. When you let Jesus lead, you aren't taking the road most traveled.  It hasn't been easy, I'm not a perfect mom, I know I have made mistakes in parenting her (and my boys too), but I have been privileged to view the world through her eyes, and learn some deep lessons from her. She has some severe learning disability, along with some other struggles. She sometimes has difficulty connecting with her peers. She is very shy and tends to be a loner, but she has a spiritual grasp and love for the Lord that some people will never have. She is the most loving, kind and authentic person. She is known for her smile. She loves music and swimming and is a daddy's girl.  She is compassionate and helpful. Honestly, I think she is the most normal person in our family. She is exactly who God made her to be. The start of her life was difficult, but through her life, Jesus will triumph. We know that God holds her future and that he will bless her in all she endeavors to do.  People have said, oh they are so blessed to have you and Mike, but the reality is we are blessed and honored to be able to have her and Sam and Finn. I fiercely love this girl. I want to hover over her and keep her close, but I want to let her be her own person too. It's hard. Boys and girls are so very different and I don't always know what I am doing...

     If I could sum her up in one verse, it is Psalm, 139:14...I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
     Someday, I will thank her birth mother, even though she caused MaryElle some irreversible
       problems... I will thank her for choosing life, cause God allowed me to be her mom.


SaySay said...

Sweet sweet Mary Elle - precious, beautiful and authentic ❤

Burlap Street said...

Mary Elle is a sweetheart!!!