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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Fair-Haired Warrior

  My journey to motherhood is the biggest circumstance God has used to get my attention, humble me and keep me real, and bless me beyond measure. My struggle to become a mother is an integral part of my story. You have to meet these kids.

  I want to speak to the girl who suffers from infertility right now.  Believe it or not, I was you. Mike and I were together 10 years before our first precious children came to us through adoption. It is a tricky thing, infertility..... Why does it happen to some women. Why is it,  that  the couple who loves kids is unable to conceive, but the girl on crack gets pregnant over and over. Why are there millions of unwanted kids in this world? Why are there people who abuse kids and abandon kids? Why are their women who can't carry a baby to term? Why do these things happen? These are all real thoughts you think when you can't get pregnant, or you lose a baby you desperately wanted.  I can only say, to this whole issue,  that God's ways our higher than ours, his thoughts are higher than ours and he is the giver and keeper life.  He ordains life where he desires to ordain it. He takes away where he chooses also.  If you are suffering from infertility. He is speaking to you.  He is drawing you closer, he has a plan for you and your future children. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.  If it is your heart's desire for children,  God is gracious and he will give graciously, it may be a different vision than yours. I was the girl in my twenties, married to the handsome guy, watching all the other girls around me have babies, and year after year, coming up empty. Feeling empty, feeling like a defect. Afraid all the time. Afraid of displeasing my husband, disappointing my family, never seeing a dream fulfilled. Explaining to the 80th person in the grocery store I run into, why we still have no kids....cause people would really ask... Not able to see what God was weaving together for us, cause I was hyper- focused on the one thing I couldn't do or achieve. I hate being in my own way! I am my own worst enemy. Then, you are on a path of fertility treatments, shots every week, hormones out the wazoo. More instability, more bad feelings. More crushing disappointment. Through  this dark, twisty complicated forest, I finally stopped begging for what I wanted, and I listened to what God was trying to say all along.

When I was 33, after 10 years of trying to get pregnant and then giving up and no longer trying, it was the death of a dream, but God gave us a new dream, a better dream. We decided to adopt, 2 children, Sam and MaryElle. The 2 best decisions Mike and I ever made, but a long journey to reach. We were amazingly blessed to have these kids given to us. Then out of the blue, 2 1/2 years later, I got pregnant. Mike and I were in shock. We were amazed, floored, stupefied, excited, grateful, any emotion you can imagine, we had. 9 weeks later, I miscarried. We were disappointed, to say the least.

After our loss, I prayed to God, "Lord if it is your will for us to only have Sam and MaryElle, then we are fine. Our cup runs over with your goodness. We are content. What more could we ask for now. God had already given it all.  8 months later, I was pregnant again. These are the only 2 times in our history together we had conceived. Mike and I proceeded with caution. We were very nervous in the beginning. I stayed nauseated til my 7th month, but overall, a pretty good pregnancy. Things were looking good.  I prayed fervently for baby's safe delivery and his health.  When I was 37 weeks, I developed toxemia and was admitted to the hospital, I wasn't getting any better so after a couple days they decided to induce labor.  Now, here is where I am always glad for God's provision in every detail.  A few hours after they induced, I had placental abruption. This is serious and could've have taken my baby's life. We are not sure if the toxemia caused the abruption or if it was unrelated, I am thankful to the Lord, I was in the hospital when it happened or I  think he wouldn't be here today.

  Let's talk about his name for a minute. FINN.  I was looking in a baby name book and came across it. It is Scandinavian, it means fair-haired warrior. Well, we thought that sounded like a pretty cute, catchy little name. Mike and I are black-headed people, no Scandinavians here, won't be having a fair-haired child. but, we like it, let's use it!  At 3:35 in the morning, November 13, 2005, a fair- haired warrior, literally came bursting forth, via emergency c-section. 13 years after Mike and I married,  Finn, the warrior was here! Finn the fighter. He would need that fight again  just 2 weeks later  when he would be in the hospital,  extremely sick with RSV,and struggling to breathe. God answered our prayers again and he got well. I love this child, but I am tested almost hourly by this wild viking boy!!  It is surreal that we would get to experience adoption and having a baby that grew inside me. Sometimes I still look at him and think, where did you come from? It was God's plan the whole time. He chose all 3 of our kids just for us and their unique arrivals.

 He is a handful, people!! He is wild, rebellious, rough, and stubborn! That being said, He is FEARLESS, like I  want to be fearless. He is a fighter, he has a zeal for life! He is sweet and loving. He is funny and smart (sometimes too smart). He is always exploring, running, fighting, laughing, catching something, jumping and taking us on the next adventure. He is the child who yells out the inappropriate comment about the stranger in front of us at the store. Always keeping me humble. I have had to leave stores before due to the zinger of a tantrum he decided to throw. He makes me a nervous wreck sometimes!! I have probably had to check on him 5 times while writing this.... I am constantly in a dialogue with God about him," Lord, you made him and you designed his personality and you know he loves some danger...Help me, please!!  and God is probably laughing and thinking "I can't keep up with Finn either!!  My Warrior! My experience with God all these years, is this truth set forth in this simple verse....

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labor in vain.

He is the designer of our family........................



Mike said...

I love the family God has blessed us with and I love you.

Anonymous said...

Your testimony is amazing; especially to those of us who also struggled with infertility. It was awesome (is awesome) to see God work in your life and in the lives of your family. God is good, all the time, even when we do not understand. I think he especially likes to remind those of us who are a little controlling that HE is in control, not us.
Love Ya! Julie

Candice Davis said...

What an awesome testimony! I was so blessed when I read this. Thank you for sharing your faith and encouraging words. I really needed to read this today, and God knew it!

Candice Carolyn